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Not Qualified & Can not Take SNMPTN 2013? Still There SBMPTN 2013
For students who can not follow the later National Selection State University (SNMPTN) in 2013 because the school is not listed in Schools and Student Data Base (PDSS), or does not qualify does not mean the ‘end of the world. There are still lines the Joint Selection Entrance State University (SBMPTN) with a written exam. According to the Chairman of the Organizing Committee Prof. Dr Akhmaloka SNMPTN 2013, there were 3 pathway to PTN. In addition there is also SNMPTN SBMPTN and self-selection.



“Students who do not pass SNMPTN, again SBMPTN Friendly, Friendly SBMPTN C package. Selections independently to each of the state universities,” said Akhmaloka a news conference in Kemendikbud building, Jalan Sudirman, Jakarta.
SBMPTN uses the written exam, the same as the old SNMPTN. In addition, when SNMPTN 2013 just for the pass UN 2013, the SBMPTN able to graduate two years earlier.

“There is no definite timetable SBMPTN implementation. Recent graduation will be held after the announcement SNMPTN. If you do not pass SNMPTN Friendly SBMPTN again, there’s no ban on it,” he explained.


Regarding quotas or seat availability PTN on SNMPTN, Akhmaloka said in 2012 the number of applicants reached 300 thousand. Estimated that, in 2013, which will enroll SNMPTN with the new system could reach 6 times as much.
“This year estimates 1.2 million to 1.5 million students. Compute-calculation does 1 million, but we see growth,” said Rector of ITB. While Education Minister M Nuh said the reservation of seats for SNMPTN 2013 PTN is at least 50 percent of the total quota PTN.
“At least 50 percent of its total revenue PTN. Kan we live once wrote of his total quota of state universities by 50 percent, so yes that much,” said M Noah can not yet specify the reservation of seats for SNMPTN PTN 2013.
While the Secretary of the Organizing Committee SNMPTN 2013 Rochmat Wahab explained PTN minimum quota for SNMPTN is 50 percent, SBMPTN 30 percent, and the remaining independent pathways.
“If the path does not use self-contained, meaning SBMPTN is also 50 percent,” said Rochmat.

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